MooCowMusic ... as Seen on TV

Over the years, MooCowMusic has been fortunate to be part of many TV advertising campaigns.

Apple "Esa Pekka" TV Campaign

Esa-Pekka Salonen, the Finnish composer and conductor, was chosen by Apple to feature in a “Your Verse” campaign for the iPad Air. In the ad he is shown using Pianist Pro to compose on the go.

Apple "iPad is Musical” TV Campaign

Apple ran a series of "iPad is ..." adverts. The "iPad is Musical" advert featured just one music app: Pianist Pro, which is shown to play the background music.

Softbank iPhone 3G TV Campaign

The Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank ran a series of adverts starring a dog, known informally as the "Softbank Dog". When it came to advertising the new iPhone 3G on their network, they created this amazing campaign showing the Softbank Dog playing a mournful tune using Pianist.

Apple iPad Touch TV Campaign

Our app "Band" is shown being played on the iPad Touch.

Minor Featuring in other Apple Campaigns

MooCowMusic apps featured in the background in a number of Apple global TV adverts, whether shown as an installed icon, or an entry in the App Store. These appearances are not random, as Apple chooses every app shown with care.

Apple "Shazam" Campaign
Apple "Lonely Planet" Campaign
Apple "Cro Mag" Campaign
Apple "Vicinity" Campaign
Apple "Dialemmas" Campaign
Apple "Check" Campaign
Apple "Fix" Campaign