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The iPad Camera Connection Kit allows you to plug USB MIDI devices directly into your iPad. You can use Pianist Pro both as a controller keyboard for an external MIDI synth module, or as a MIDI sound source driven by an external MIDI keyboard.

There are a couple of restrictions on what MIDI devices the iPad will recognise:
1) The device must be 'Class Compliant'. Generally this means that you can plug your device directly into a computer without installing additional drivers.
2) The device must either have its own source of power (eg. batteries or PSU), or draw a very small amount of power from the iPad's USB port.

Although Apple have not provided a list of compatible MIDI devices, various third-parties have collected their own lists, such as at We advise you to look there to find out whether your hardware is supported.

If your MIDI device is not supported, you can still use the MIDI Mobilizer interface and connect to it via Standard MIDI DIN Connectors.

If you have a 'Bus Powered' device (which has no source of power other than the USB connection) that tries to draw too much power from the iPad then you may still be able to use it. Some powered USB hubs can be used between the device and the iPad to provide power to the device. Alternatively you can purchase a 'Dual Input USB Lead" which has two separate input leads (one for power and one for data), and a single output. Plug the output into the MIDI device, the data input into the iPad, and the power input into a powered USB hub.

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