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Other Apps by MooCowMusic
The following applications are available now from the App Store. They were developed for the iPhone, but will also run in windowed or 2X scaled-up mode on the iPad. For a full feature list of each application, visit our website at-
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The first widely-available mobile multi-touch piano, and still in the iTunes Top Music App charts two years after release. For Pianist Pro owners it represents a cut-down version of the app that they can take with them on their iPhone, sharing a similar user interface.


Band is a collection of virtual instruments that can be recorded together into a song. It contains bite-sized versions of several instruments including a piano, bass, drumkit, and the '12 bar Blues' instrument that would later form the basis for Pianist Pro's Scale Piano. Band was released May 2008 with the goal to turn a device previously associated with music consumption (the iPod Touch) into one where anyone could make their own music: hardly a novel idea today, but revolutionary back then. Whereas our other apps (Guitarist, Bassist, Pianist) have since specialised in many of the Band's instruments, it still provides one of the best introductions to making and recording music on the iPhone. Band was demoed live on-stage during the Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2008, to huge applause. It was in the top five downloaded apps at the launch of the App Store, went on to be listed as one of the Top 10 Paid Music Apps for 2008, and has been in the Music App charts ever since. Band has been featured in, amongst other things, the 'Best iPhone Apps' book [O'Reilly Media, 2009] and the 'iPhone App Directory' book [Image Publishing, 2009].


Guitarist is a virtual guitar recording studio, allowing you to record two separate guitars (eg. rhythm and lead) into a track, complete with virtual string bending, whammy bar, effects, and wah-wah pedal controlled by the accelerometer. One of the first and best selling guitar apps in the App Store (reaching position 14 in the Top 100 Apps), it has since been recommended by such media sources as The New York Times and T3 Magazine. It was also used in the Official Apple Guided Tour video for the iPhone 3GS as an example of making purchases from the App Store.


After releasing Guitarist we were plagued with requests to make a bass guitar app. Initially thinking it would be a simple job to turn Guitarist into a bass guitar, we then spent a couple of months purely sampling a bass guitar to try to capture this versatile instrument on a mobile phone. What we ended up with was an app with every single note sampled multiple times so that retriggering the same note (a common bass trick) would sound more realistic. Bassist includes both pluck and slap modes, and uses the same user-interface pioneered in Guitarist. Bassist reached number 4 in the Music App Charts, and has been featured by Apple both in iTunes and in promotional material. It is still the bass instrument of choice for groups performing music live using iPhones.


Organist was released for Christmas 2008, using the great interface of Pianist to bring the sound of church and electric organs to the iPhone. It was Featured by Apple in iTunes, reached number 10 in the Music App Charts, and later used by Apple in promotional material for the iPod Touch.

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