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When we first heard about the iPad, we just knew that a piano would be the perfect app for it. A large high-contrast screen, multi-touch with up to ten simultaneous touches, fantastic audio capabilities, and yet lightweight, portable and convenient. Having already created the first and biggest selling piano app for the iPhone (Pianist), perhaps this was not such a leap of imagination.

Pianist Pro on the iPad takes Pianist to a whole new level. We've added a great arpeggiator, a drum machine, a choice of instruments for those times when a piano is not enough, and a completely new interface that makes playing piano scales fun. We've added a pitch wheel and swell pedal that look and behave just like the real thing, a delay effect, and the ability to step through your song bar by bar and change the tempo on the fly.

Our applications have always contained built-in user manuals, and Pianist Pro is no exception. A great deal of time has been spent making the application as intuitive as possible, from using real-world metaphors such as synthesizer control knobs and LCD touchscreens to dialog design and layout. However, certain aspects of Pianist Pro may require explanation, and we encourage you to spend some time flicking through this manual to get the most out of the application. We have included a number of demo songs which will introduce you to some of the new features: in particular the demos with 'DIY' in the title which allow you to play along to a simple backing track.

Originally released in February 2008 and steadily improved every since, Pianist was the first widely available mobile multi-touch piano. It has been featured in a number of Apple advertising campaigns, been consistently in the iTunes Top 100 Music Apps list, and was listed in the App Store Top Paid Applications for 2008. Recently, Sound On Sound magazine listed Pianist in its pick of the Top 20 iPhone Apps, and T3 Magazine in its Top 100 iPhone Apps. Pianist has also been recommended by media sources such as the Mail On Sunday and Fox News. From the early days of viral videos created by our users, to recent reviews and recommendations in the global press, Pianist has achieved such a web presence that a Google Image search for the word 'piano' shows a Pianist screenshot within the top 5 most relevant images.

Pianist Pro was the number one selling music app at launch, and has remained high in the charts ever since. It has been recommended by The New York Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and Rolling Stone Magazine, amongst others, and featured prominently in the 'iPad is Musical' Apple TV advert.

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